Note: The 400 g format pump is adaptable to the 450 g format.

Cutibase Ceramyd is a fragrance free, paraben free, non-greasy moisturizer which is suitable for dry, sensitive skin. With a PH balance of of 5.5 this non-comedogenic, hypoallergenic product is appropriate for children as well as adults.

The ceramide complex, free fatty acid and cholesterol restore the lipid balance which is essential for healthy skin. Mineral oil and Cyclomethicone provides protection for the skin’s barrier. Squalane rejuvenates natural oils and soothes irritated, dry skin. Cutimed Ceramyd is the skin care solution for the volatile Canadian climate.

Cutibase Ceramyd® for dry and sensitive skin is available as a lotion and a cream.

For kids 12 months and older or on professional health’s advice.

Cutibase Ceramyd®

Physiological lipids penetrate damaged and healthy stratum corneum

Basic moisturizers

Basic moisturizers form an occlusive layer


“I have started using your cream on my my little girl’s skin. For her face, it was restorative and gives her beautiful skin and no more dry patches. I continue to apply it at night before she’s going to bed because it is your cream that is the most effective for her fragile skin.“

L. T.


“My patients like your product very much. The cream does not cause a burning sensation, it spreads easily and moisturizes well. I think it will help better control eczema for our atopic patients.”

Dre E. G.


“The use of Cutimed Ceramyd is already showing results for hands. This is a great product!“

N. C.